Wardrobe Refresh

Do you constantly go to your wardrobe to pick out an outfit and just stand there with the doors open in awe of how many clothes you have, and how few of them you actually wear? We all have our go-to-outfits but I can show you how to get better use out of the clothes you already have hanging untouched, and probably still labelled, in your wardrobe. I can show you new ways of putting outfits together from your favourite items, what shoes to wear and how to accessorise. I can also identify gaps in your wardrobe and offer shopping suggestions that will help you make the most of what you already have. We will also look at what you should be binning and what’s worth hanging onto, and if you don’t have time for EBay why not let me list those items you’ve been meaning to sell but have never got round to.
Wardrobe Refresh: 2-3hrs £150